Business Soul Retrieval

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who has a concept or vision that has taken root in their heart, but who has very little idea how to grow that concept into a thriving and income-producing business.

This is also a good fit for solopreneurs or service providers who started their business with a passion and sense of purpose, but who may feel stalled out or bogged down in the daily operations of their business, and need support to reignite the flame and uplevel their operations.

You will leave this process with a clearer sense of your soul purpose work, as well as a list of specific actions you can start taking immediately to transform your vision into reality.

How It Works

After you process payment, you will receive a welcome letter which includes a link to a self-guided meditation and workbook, as well as intake questions.

You will set your intentions, then find the time and space to walk through the meditation at least once – although preferably you will give yourself two or three opportunities to experience the meditation before taking next steps.

You will then complete your meditation workbook, and answer a set of intake questions about your current or aspirational business. Once your questionnaire is complete, you will book time for your live strategy session.

Our team will read through your intake answers, research your business concept and begin the idea generation process.

You will then book one Thought Partnership session, which we will spend discussing your vision, desires, and our suggested strategies for evolving your business concept.

After our live call, you will have 30 days of unlimited access via Voxer to continue asking questions, discussing any emerging roadblocks (internal or external), or to continue evolving your ideas.

What Past Clients Have Said

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Your investment for the Soul Retrieval process is $786

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