you are not a small star... are a reflection of the entire cosmos

Bijou Collective was founded by Safa Bee Wesley and supported by a global team. Our intention is to create a container of service and growth that is both progressive as well as grounded in the wisdom of our ancestors, with the goal of supporting all who contribute to the collective evolution of humanity.

Cumulatively, our team has walked their way through the traditional marketing, entertainment, coaching and business worlds, only to find that the mainstream practices of these industries are deeply misaligned with the values we hold dear and true.

Bijou Collective is our answer to these experiences: both through our careful selectivity in the clients, projects and community offerings we choose to support, as well as through our own thoughtfully crafted business structure and policies, we are promoting the values we wish to see taking root in the world.

we are raising up leaders who are
globally minded and locally rooted

Backed by a (com)passionate team of professionals, we provide masterminds, community circles, coaching, comprehensive strategy development and project execution for changemakers.

We help our private clients tell their stories through guided mythologizing, heart-based branding, intuitive systems design, and conversational marketing.

All Bijou Collective's programs and services are designed to ignite your inherent creative spark, restore your sacred healing connection to the earth's rhythms and elements, and encourage you to rise up inspired, nourished, and ready to step into your role as a global leader.


safa bee wesley

Executive Director
Safa Bee is a corporate escapee on a mission to trailblaze the conscious economy. She teaches social changemakers how to decolonize their magic, restore their wellbeing, and create alignment between the impact of their business and their progressive intentions. She dreams of seeing the next generation of rebel leaders serving and receiving from a place of deep abundance. Safa balances her coaching and thought leadership with a healthy dose of sunshine, building an urban permaculture farm with her husband, son, and small tribe of kitties. If she ever goes missing, look for her in the garden. She'll be planting the revolution, one carrot at a time.

Yunus Wesley


yunus wesley

Creative Director
Yunus applies his background in linguistics, editing, printing and art to supporting clients with content optimization and project implementation services – and he contributes his deep resonant voice available for podcasts and audio books whenever client projects require.


maxyne tanha

Chief of Staff
Our longest-standing team member, Maxyne has been investing her genius into Bijou Collective for almost a decade. She has played a pivotal role in shaping our internal structure, systems and company values, ensuring that we execute all our endeavors with efficiency and integrity. She now extends her genius to our clients, providing operational consulting to individuals and taking the lead on our community projects. When she is not busy with Bijou Collective, Maxyne can be found perusing farmer's markets, drinking artisan coffee, and hiking with her dogs through the sun-kissed mountains and beaches of Southern California.


amy watkins

Systems Strategist
An intrepid traveler and visioneer, Amy keeps one foot in the world of mythology and the other foot in the world of cutting edge technology. Amy joined Bijou Collective in early 2020 with the goal of bridging this gap for emerging leaders: helping them to identify their personal mythology and Hero's Journey, then mapping that vision to the most efficient technological, creative and organizational structures needed to support the achievement of their personal vision and global mission. Amy provides containment for several of Bijou's group programs and women's circles, and 1:1 operational consulting to a select set of individual clients.


megan pintus

Implementation Strategist
Megan is the woman who straightens us all out and keeps the trains running on time. When our clients need someone to provide a deeply grounding presence, a clever and insightful mind, and a back pocket filled with organizational skills, Megan is just the professional to help our clients launch their next-level ambitions. The consummate digital nomad, Megan spends her summers hiking through the mountains of Colorado and her winters on Mexico's Pacific shores. Don't be jealous, just be eager to work with Megan, because once she's in your corner she'll be applying her passion and expertise to the task of making sure you'll be living your own version of 'the dream' soon, too!


claire baujard

Content Planning & Copywriting
Claire has provided heartfelt & intuitive copywriting for Bijou since 2016. Sorbonne educated, professional stripes earned at Barefaced, Blondie, and French ELLE, Claire's keyboard is our team's secret weapon – helping our clients find their voice and craft wildly creative and personally meaningful content. Side note: Claire loves baking, reading, drinking tea and brainstorming ways to make the world a better place.


polina batishcheva

Audio & Visual Technician
Polina got her start in media working 'in studio' for television and radio stations in Moscow, but soon took an interest in working directly with heart-based entrepreneurs to help them tell their stories and reach audiences online. Polina applies her prodigious tech skills to transforming our clients' audio and visual content into podcasts, sales videos, multimedia-rich blog posts and social media content.


marta lourenço

Storytelling & Social Media
With her background in journalism and communications, using language and multimedia to tell stories is where Marta feels most at home. She provides the final step in transforming our content creation strategies into published work, overseeing a rich calendar of blog posts, social media and audience interactions. At Bijou, we all rely on Marta's keen editorial eye – not to mention her calming, sunny disposition!