Business Strategy Intensive: From Confusion to Cash Flow in 30 Days!

The Strategy Intensive is geared toward seasoned service providers who have seen their clients experience amazing results, but feel their income is stuck in second gear, with too much effort focused on marketing and operations and not enough time spent doing the work they love, and/or not enough money received in return for their time and talents invested.

When clients begin the Strategy Intensive process, we commonly discover they have spent months or even years creating a variety of service offers, group courses, workshops and workbooks – essentially taking the "throwing spaghetti at the wall" approach to see what sticks.

Often this is because they are multi-passionate, multi-talented entrepreneurial spirits who can see the many connections between the different needs of their clients – and so they keep creating new content and opportunities to address those varied needs.

Occasionally this is also due to an internal relationship to (over) giving and (under) receiving – a major contributing factor which cannot just be 'talked away' with strategy, but which requires a process of inquiry, increased awareness and grounding, emotional processing and nervous system regulation.

Why This Process Is Essential

Gaining clarity on your mission and streamlining your offers & operations is an essential process if you are someone who wishes to experience greater ease and joy in your business, as well as increased cash flow.

The Strategy Intensive process provides you with both the outer tactical guidance and the inner pattern reset you need to achieve your business goals.

How It Works

Once you book your Strategy Intensive, you will receive a welcome letter and questionnaire to complete.

When you have submitted your responses, we will read through your intake answers, research your business concept and begin the idea generation process. You will be given a link to schedule four 90-minute sessions with your thought partner – once per week for the next four weeks.

Each week, we will work through a specific curriculum designed to move you from the state of confusion and constriction you entered the intensive process with, through to a state of clarity and expansion in your soul purpose work.

Beginning with your first session, you will receive 24/7 unlimited access to your thought partner through Voxer, to answer any questions which may come up and to continue evolving your ideas from one week to the next.

We will also check in with you throughout the month to create containment as you transform your inner relationship to your services and offers.

Client Testimonial: Chris Mion

I worked with Safa Bee during a period of expansion in my business. She was amazing at holding space for me as I reimagined the structure of my business and the contributions I wanted to be making through it.

Working with Safa allowed me to step back, give my business a complete reframe, and discover that my next chapter would bring growth, joy and impact.

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Your investment for the Strategy Intensive process is $2,220

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Our Curriculum For Your Four Sessions

This is meant as a rough outline of the process we will walk through together. Please know that there is flexibility within this process to best serve your unique needs, and adaptability in order to best provide the support you need as our conversations – and your realizations – evolve over time.

Week One

Clarifying and streamlining your offer:

  • Who are you in the best position to support?
  • What is the one challenge you are called to support them with?
  • What is the journey you will take your clients on?
  • What is the most strategic way to streamline your current offers?

It is not uncommon to feel confusion or resistance during this process. We will spend some of our time together during this session identifying the emotional and spiritual components of your business – past and present – and you will exit this session with a grounding practice custom tailored to your needs, which you can implement in your daily life as you move through and beyond this Intensive.

Week Two

Given what we learned in our first session, we will answer the following questions:

  • How can we build out your business plan?
  • How can we take your existing offers and creations and arrange them into a funnel that converts and upsells your clients?
  • What are your target sales numbers to hit your financial goals?
  • What (if any) products and services should be combined or retired?

You will leave this session with an action plan for how to focus and scale your offers for maximum impact and joyful income.

Week Three

In this session, we will practice how to talk about your offers to your target audience in a way that helps the 'lightbulb go on' for them, telling them everything they need to know to become convinced that you hold the magic they need and their results will justify their investment. We will then plan out a twelve month communications calendar which plays to your strengths, allowing you to reduce or eliminate any friction which keeps you from consistently building visibility and converting that visibility into sales.

Week Four

The focus of this session will be on building the bridge from where you're at now to the next level of your soul purpose work – our conversation may include strategies such as increased PR efforts, improved systems and internal policies, or continued internal work to expand your container for giving and receiving.

What Past Clients Have Said

Please note: The Strategy Intensive used to be offered as a single VIP Strategy Day. We have elongated this process to take place over the course of a month in response to our clients' need to allow time for integration and growth between topical areas.

The testimonials below may refer to a Strategy Day; they are a commentary on the same service offering, now provided in an improved format.

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Your investment for the Strategy Intensive process is $2,220

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