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Mira shares her experience working with Safa Bee during a one-on-one Strategy Day.


Katie shares her experience working with Safa Bee during a one-on-one Strategy Day.


Stephanie shares her experience working with Safa Bee during a Business Soul Retrieval.


"My guides work with you so well, because you listen and you act with intuition.

When I witness you in the creative process, you are filtering from many directions and dimensions, and you assimilate information in a way that comes out in very concise concepts, drawing from all manner of creative thought that is in the field.

You put it into bite size chunks of information that are nourishing and life giving, in an industry where it is hard to create vitality.

You have a gift of pulling information out of the brain and putting it into the heart, that’s your superpower."


"I found myself drained from working in a leadership role in a tech startup and searching for a way to reconnect with the creative, spiritual work I'd been doing prior to entering the tech space.

I was hungry for more autonomy in my daily workload, and Safa's guidance has helped me map a path to launching my own business in a way that feels authentic and allows me to be in service to my community.

With her mentorship, I've been able to realize elements of my business that previously felt too daunting to address. Safa helped me to craft an actionable plan to bring my ideas into a functioning, profitable business. I leave each session with a renewed excitement and a set of clear, actionable tasks to continue driving forward.

Beyond her invaluable insight and strategic support, Safa has provided me with confidence. Her constant reminders and reassurance of the value of my work has been a source of validation I didn't know I needed.

She's helped to kickstart this process and fast-track the growth of my business strategy. I'd be lost without her!"

Frankie Fernandes


"Working with Safa Bee has been a huge help to me in taking my business to the next level. She is able to provide advice and guidance that not only goes straight to the heart of my business, but which takes the realities of my personal life into account as well - providing holistic strategies that strike just the right balance between meeting me where I am at, and challenging me to keep growing and moving forward.

I've been grateful for her organization and support with the technical bits and pieces of launching my business. I'm also amazed by her creative flair and her uncanny ability to breathe life into the vision I've had for my branding. She achieves all of this through deep listening and an intuitive understanding of my needs and intentions."


"I worked with Safa Bee during a period of expansion in my business. She was amazing at holding space for me as I reimagined the structure of my business and the contributions I wanted to be making through it.

Working with Safa allowed me to step back, give my business a complete reframe, and discover that my next chapter would bring growth, joy and impact."


"When I began mentoring with Safa Bee, I was living in the Bay Area, working in a high-pressure corporate environment that afforded me very little creativity, and which did not support my lifestyle needs.

It has been nearly a year of intense work to forge a new path, but the hard work has paid off – looking back from this vantage point I am amazed at how radically my personal and professional life have both shifted in this time.

I am now living in New York City, working as a professional writer, and taking the lead on multiple impact-driven projects. My freedom, creativity and sense of satisfaction with my professional life have all increased exponentially.

Safa has been a huge support through all of these changes, providing insights, strategies and encouragement each step of the way. Her mentoring kept me focused and on track to meeting my goals."


"Safa is an invaluable source of positivity. She's warm, open, and intuitive. Her calm and gentle style creates a grounded uplifting space when you need actionable ideas about the direction of your vision.

I always received fresh insights from the mastermind. I feel lighter, completely supported and clear about what action steps to take next.

I highly recommend the Bijou Mastermind. If you're looking for well-thought-out solutions you will truly appreciate Safa's guidance, energy and support."


"Thanks to the Bijou Mastermind, I have gained so much clarity in my business and I feel like I magnetize my clients to me effortlessly.

Having the group to bounce our ideas around was so inspiring, but the good energy of Safa herself is absolutely priceless. She's always truthful, always seeing the bigger picture, and just a treasure of a person.

I couldn't be more grateful to have been a part of the mastermind, or, indeed, anything she creates!"


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