Bijou's re-Wilding Mastermind


Now Enrolling for March 2021

The Bijou Mastermind is a two-tiered group program that allows you to select the membership level that's right for you.

Tier 1: Foundations
Foundations is open to everyone who wishes to make gentle, nourishing but revolutionary lifestyle changes.

Tier 2: VIP Support
There are 12 VIP spaces available, reserved for impact-driven changemakers who are ready to step out as solopreneurs and desire expert support.


Tier 1: Foundations of Self-Care

The Bijou Mastermind is a yearlong container designed to support you with establishing revolutionary lifestyle practices that will bring you back to the joy, prosperity and ease that is your birthright.

Yes we're talking about 'self-care' but that doesn't mean we're focusing on pedicures and mimosas. What we're talking about is breaking the deeply instilled patterns of disembodied, disconnected, and exhausting '24/7 hustle mode' that has us pinned down in a constant state of striving, selling us all on the idea that if we just grind it out a little harder we can finally be successful, we can finally be safe, we can finally be free.

Meanwhile the lifestyle we have adopted to support our hustle is breaking down our bodies, crushing our families and communities, and killing our planet – and for most of us, it's not bearing the fruits of freedom and success we were promised as long as we just played along.

This work is revolutionary because it is the crucial first step towards building the economic, political and social systems of the future – systems that respect the wisdom of nature and recognize our need to live by her rhythms; systems that recognize the inherent value of all human life and rewrite our definitions of value, prosperity and success; systems that are joyful, sustainable and fulfilling.

This work is revolutionary because it creates the conditions that allow for alignment between our values and the actual impact of our daily choices. We may say we believe in sustainability, equality and justice, but the truth is that when we are exhausted, lonely, anxious and witnessing scarcity, time and again we will make choices that work against our values and our best interest. But when we are joyful, confident and experiencing a deeply embodied sense of wellbeing, we are empowered to make choices in service to our highest good.

This work is revolutionary because it will amplify the impact we can make. When we discover that we are truly powerful creators and we cultivate a trust-based relationship with the Divine that lives inside of us, contains us and flows through us, we move with confidence toward our personal calling.