Welcome to The Wild Awakening

This is a program for ambitious, purpose-driven leaders who have reached such an intense point of burnout and exhaustion that they feel they cannot keep ‘pushing on’ – even if their mind tries to coax them back into following their same patterns of ‘going hard’ at their goals – while ignoring their health, their hearts, their relationships and their spiritual lives.

Are you ready to relinquish your old habits of depleting yourself down to the marrow?

Are you yearning to restore your physical, emotional, and spiritual health by living in accordance with natural rhythms and cycles?

If you answered 'yes' then The Wild Awakening is the program for you!

I was a former overachiever myself, and I cycled through several rounds of burnout and exhaustion until my lifestyle choices finally dragged me down to rock bottom in 2017.

At that point, I had no other option than to apply the spiritual wisdom I had learned studying the path of Sufism for over a decade, and to increase my knowledge base of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in order to heal myself and get my life back on track.

It took me several years of learning and applying this knowledge to regain my health.

I don’t want YOU to lose half a decade of your life figuring out how to heal yourself...

Which is why I created The Wild Awakening, a program that distills what I have learned down to the simplest and most essential lifestyle changes you can make to bring your life back into alignment with the wisdom of nature, supporting you with practices to soothe your nervous system, restore physical and mental vitality, and ultimately to serve your purpose from a place of balance, joy and abundance.

This program was designed to walk you through six weekly modules of information at a pace that is compatible with your already busy life.

(Take a deep breath. It’ll be fun! I promise!)

I am a person who doesn’t want to just be told what to do, I also want to know why it’s important to do those things – and I am assuming your quick-thinking mind works the same way that mine does.

That’s why The Wild Awakening is a mixture of theory and praxis, meaning each module will combine teaching and information together with experiential practices for you to implement in your life.

The program also includes opportunities to interact with your fellow students, as well as coaching through any confusion or blocks you may hit while working through the modules.

By following the lifestyle changes you will learn in this program...

You will experience significant shifts in both your personal and professional life.

I want to see you with more energy and vitality during the times when you ‘need to be on’ – and I want your rest and relaxation to be deeper, more effective and guilt free. I want you to find pleasure in every aspect of your life, even washing the dishes and paying your bills!

You no longer have to live in a permanent state of emergency, operating from the conscious hustle and unconscious anxiety that tax your physical health and emotional wellbeing. I look forward to seeing you grounded, connected, and showing up for your leadership work in a joyful and sustainable way.

Goodbye hamster wheel of striving, hello strategic growth!

When you have not only learned but really integrated the knowledge that more success does not have to mean more struggle, you will be ready to scale up your impact (and your income!) while giving from your overflow and creating with fearless excitement.

Are you ready to jump into The Wild Awakening?

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Curious to know more about the content of this program?

We will move together through six sequential modules.

Each module has four units. We will spend one week learning & discussing each module.

Module One

(Re)Discovering A Healthy & Connected Body

Unit 1: Body Partnership
Unit 2: Nourishment ≠ Restriction
Unit 3: Movement, Revisited
Unit 4: Words Are Magic Spells

Module Two

Establishing Daily Rhythms & Practices

Unit 1: The 'Why' Behind Daily Rhythms
Unit 2: Breath
Unit 3: Sound
Unit 4: Incantation

Module Three

Making Pleasure Your Priority

Unit 1: Pleasure Is How You (Can) Do Everything
Unit 2: The Neurochemistry of Pleasure
Unit 3: Rewriting the Success Formula
Unit 4: Resistance, Reflection, Transformation

Module Four

Cycling Naturally Through A Lunar Month (Whether or Not You Bleed)

Unit 1: Menstruation & The Lunar Cycle: An Overview
Unit 2: Natural Remedies for Balancing Your Month
Unit 3: Foods to Select Through the Month
Unit 4: Decolonizing Your Work Schedule

Module Five

Building Security Through Connection

Unit 1: A Declaration of Interdependence
Unit 2: Nurturing Your Relationships Offline
Unit 3: Knowing – And Connecting With – Your Neighbors
Unit 4: Knowing – And Connecting With – Your Community

Module Six

Paying It Forward (How & Why)

Unit 1: Decolonizing Your Sense of Purpose
Unit 2: Entrepreneurship ≠ Capitalism (Part I, Theory)
Unit 3: Entrepreneurship ≠ Capitalism (Part II, Praxis)
Unit 4: Mutual Aid: What, Why & How

In addition to these weekly teaching modules...

You will also receive a bundle of content, with modifications to implement each season:

Seasonal Content

– Your nutritional needs for each season

– No stress recipes, foods and spices to balance your mind & body

– Balancing your energy & focus for each season

– Cultivating your connection with nature

– Ritual, reflection & transition through the seasons

Prefer to make one single payment?
Prefer to make monthly payments?
– Is This Program Right For You? –

Here Are Some Points To Ponder Before You Sign Up

The Wild Awakening is a good fit for you if...


You are an impact driven leader and a self-described changemaker.

Your motivations for the work you do are so much more than material - you have always been willing to show up and 'fight the good fight', and you are driven by the desire to serve as a force for good in this world.

But in the process of giving deeply, you've all too often found yourself running on empty.

In fact, lately it feels like your tank is permanently stuck on E. You have a long track record of going hard at your goals, rarely taking a break until you've manifested a migraine or the flu. But these days, you're a kind of tired that even a weekend in bed binging on Netflix and takeout cannot cure.

You're ready to make a huge shift in the way you approach your work (and life).

You know that something's gotta give, but honestly you don't know where or how to start shifting your mindset and your lifestyle. All you know is that the talent and virtues that brought you this far – your striving for excellence, your willingness to put in the hard work and make sacrifices – are no longer yielding the results you're accustomed to. (And if we're being honest, it feels like your 'inner hustle' has taken a permanent vacation, anyway.)

You may be 'proper' on the outside, but you suspect there's a wild child hiding inside you!

That inner wild child is ready to get her toes in the soil, to feel the wind in her hair, to romp in the moonlight, and feel her heart reconnecting to the Universal Source and filling back up with life! Although your buttoned-down public life and your inner spirituality may not have a history of dancing together in the spotlight, you can feel Spirit knocking at your door, ready to nourish you and lead you back to your joy.

You recognize that this work is not just about you.

While your life story may be unique, your patterns of striving and burnout are extremely common - and doing the work to become aware of them, unwind and reset them in yourself will have a direct impact on everyone in your family and your circle of friends, everyone who interacts with your leadership work, and the overall collective consciousness that future generations incarnate with. You are well aware that this is profound, ancestral healing that needs to happen, and the impact is going to be personal, political, and spiritual.

Prefer to make one single payment?
Prefer to make monthly payments?

Maybe you've got some questions! Well, we've got answers...

This program is intended for all women (cis- and trans-) and any gender-diverse humans who are interested in exploring their unique health and lifestyle needs, and who are ready to learn how to care for and live from their feminine / cyclical energy so that they can heal and restore themselves from the burnout caused by '24/7 hustle' culture. If you want to remember how to live, serve and connect from a full cup rather than from a place of constant striving, self-sacrifice and depletion, then this program is meant for you!

This program accepts enrollment all year round, so if you know this program is right for you, go ahead and sign up at any time!

Whenever you enroll, you will be welcomed to begin the program at the start of the next seasonal cohort.

The Summer 2022 group gets started on May 1st!

The teaching material will be delivered in a combination of audio files and PDFs. Some PDFs will simply contain reading material, other PDFs will contain worksheets for you to complete. This teaching material will be delivered via the Thinkific platform.

The group container will progress through six weeks of learning together, but the material is designed to provide support all year round. We invite you to save the content and return to it whenever you need a refresher, or whenever the seasons change.

Some of the information you receive in this course is delivered in six sequential modules, with four units each. We will spend one week on each module. Each unit includes an 'interactive' component, allowing you to respond and ask questions in a conversation thread with your cohort. During office hours, you can drop in for spot coaching on the material via Zoom.

There is a second category of content which is a bundle of information with details that are custom tailored for each season. You will receive this content all at once, and you can come back to it over and over again as you move through your seasonal cycles.

The lifestyle recommended within this program represents a radically different approach to living from the linear, 'always driving forward' approach currently embraced by the dominant culture (i.e. historically European-dominated, industrialized late-stage Capitalism). It is unrealistic to think you can make all the changes at once. You may find it is necessary to revisit the content many times, implementing the suggestions slowly, in order to take this program content from theory to praxis. That is why the content is downloadable, so you can have lifetime access and come back to it whenever you need to reset yourself or take the lessons deeper.

You are warmly encouraged to download and save the curriculum material delivered via Thinkific, because we want you to be able to come back to the program material any time you need a reminder or a reset. Since downloaded content will be stored on your own drives, devices, or cloud storage, you will have access to the material for all of the foreseeable future.

You are welcomed to move through the program curriculum on your own schedule, but there is also a community component to this program which does flow along with the river of time and cannot be recaptured once it's gone – so you are encouraged to keep pace with the group and to interact as much as you are comfortable with.

By interacting with the group, you will be contributing to the creation of a more supportive environment, which also means you will be receiving more support through interaction as well. As with many things in life, you will receive in proportion to your commitment to the program.

In addition to the self-directed curriculum in Thinkific, once per week we will have 'office hours' live on Zoom, where you can drop in and receive spot coaching if you so desire. Office hours will be recorded and made available to the group.

You are more than welcomed (encouraged, in fact!) to pair your participation in The Wild Awakening with a 1:1 coaching package. Your options include investing in a 3-session 'jumpstart' or a four-month-long direct coaching module – whatever feels right for your needs and your budget!

Once per week, we will have live 'office hours' that you are welcomed to join, where you can hang out on Zoom and have fun with your cohort!

You will also be able to comment on each unit of content within Thinkific, allowing you to ask and respond to questions in a conversation thread similar to a 'message board' or community forum.

The weekly live call will be recorded, and everyone will receive access to the recording whether they attended the office hours or not. Often it happens that other people are facing the same dilemmas as ourselves, so you are encouraged to (re)watch the spot coaching discussions even if you missed the call.

If you notice that you are consistently finding yourself 'too busy' for the calls, it's probably time to recognize that you may be hitting up against some resistance, and reach out for support (on Thinkific or by investing in a 1:1 coaching package).

Absolutely not. There is no pressure and no coercion in this group. You are warmly encouraged to participate at whatever level feels right for you.

Absolutely yes! You are welcomed to interact and respond as much as you have the time and interest in doing.

Yeah, we totally get it. In fact, this course is literally designed for people doing #ALLtheThings ... and part of the curriculum is going to include learning how (and why) to say 'NO' to some of those things, to make space for your much needed R.E.S.T. and F.U.N.

But everybody's life circumstances and personal growth style are different, so this course is designed with flexibility. You can give the program exactly as much time as you want and need to give it – and you can come back to the material later if you are not able to assimilate everything at once!

This is a six week program with two different payment options. The full program cost is $1,776.

You can choose to pay $444 per month for four months, or you can choose to pay your tuition in a single payment of $1,650.

If you choose to break your tuition into four payments, you are committing to and responsible for paying the full $1,776 program cost – this is not a monthly membership that you can opt out of at any time.

If you choose to go 'all in' and pay the tuition in a single payment, in celebration of your investment (and in gratitude for making our bookkeeping easier!) we are discounting your program tuition by $126.

Other than these two payment options, there are no discounts or refunds given.

We are so glad that you are enthusiastic about the program content! However, we take intellectual property seriously, and we ask that you do the same.

It was a carefully considered point whether to make all the content downloadable, and for various reasons (including our desire for you to have the ability to refresh yourself on this content as many times as you need throughout your life), we decided to go ahead and make it easy for you to save the content locally.

However, we are totally aware that 'easy to save' also means 'easy to share' – and so we are trusting all participants to be in full integrity, keeping in mind that this course material reflects several years of learning, as well as significant energy and love to compile and design the program.

We invite you to share this sales page with anyone who expresses an interest in joining the program.

Beloved, there was something that attracted you to this program and convinced you to say 'yes!' to registering – and we invite you to trust the part of you that knew you needed what this program has to give.

Whatever your reasons are for changing your mind after beginning the program, we encourage you to reach out to the community and be radically honest. There's a chance you're hitting a block, or some resistance that can be cleared with a simple conversation or a new perspective. Give yourself the chance to lean into community and move through whatever is coming up for you.

It's also possible that this is the right program at the wrong time – in which case, we encourage you to take advantage of your lifetime access to this course material, and come back to it with new eyes in the future.

Whatever your reasons, it's important that we are clear: once you have registered for The Wild Awakening, there are no refunds given.



How much does it cost to join the program?


This is a yearlong program with two different payment options.


The full program cost is $1,776.

You can choose to invest $444 per month for four months, or you can choose to make your investment in a single payment of $1,650.

If you choose to break your tuition into four payments, you are committing to and responsible for paying the full $1,776 program cost – this is not a monthly membership that you can opt out of at any time.

If you choose to go 'all in' and pay the tuition in a single payment, in celebration of your investment (and in gratitude for making our bookkeeping easier!) we are discounting your annual tuition by $126.

Prefer to make one single payment?
Prefer to make monthly payments?
– This Is Really Important –

The 'Why' Behind Our 'No Refund, No Cancellation' Policy

The Wild Awakening is a six-week program, with a lifetime of impact...

You can pay in full or break your investment into payments, but this is not a monthly membership program that you can cancel and opt-out of at any time. It is an investment in your healing and self-care which will eventually pay dividends back to you, in both your personal quality of life as well as in the growth and impact of your leadership work. It’s an invitation to learn, reflect, connect, explore, and transform, in a loving and supportive group experience. The only way we can craft that container of safety and support is by building a program full of members who are confident and committed to the collective evolution as well as to themselves, rather than holding space for people to treat the program as a trial version. We are enrolling people who recognize that their participation has a ripple effect on other group members (and on the world as a whole).

The value of this investment can only be measured by what you decide to receive...

By 'investment' we do not simply mean the financial transaction, we also mean the time, sincerity and attention you give to the program. If you engage with everything The Wild Awakening has to offer – all the meditations, teachings, handouts, worksheets, group discussions and office hours – you will experience profound shifts in both your personal and professional life. This program offers knowledge, a framework for implementing that knowledge, and a supportive community, but the responsibility for what you get out of all of this belongs to you and you alone.

Going 'all in' sometimes means calling yourself on your own shenanigans...

Any time we commit to doing transformative work, we are going to hit some form of resistance. That resistance might look like falling behind in the program, feeling triggered by a teaching or a conversation in the group, or possibly even getting sick or feeling too busy (i.e. patterns that might have brought you to the program in the first place). Whenever our 'stuff' comes up, it's instinctive to make it be about something on the outside – but the truth is, it's quite often something on the inside. This is a program for people who are committed to radical self-responsibility and who are willing to face and move through the discomforts that transformation can sometimes create – because your curiosity and devotion to your brighter future are so much bigger than your temporary manifestation of resistance!

Your investment grants you lifetime access to the program content...

Sometimes it's not just resistance that's catching you up - sometimes 'life happens' to all of us, and we are genuinely unable to continue a program or a group process we started with all sincerity and commitment. When you sign up for The Wild Awakening, you will never lose access to the teaching material you are given. Whether you need to catch a breath and come back to the work in a season or a year, or you want to work through the course material a second time to give yourself a refresher, you can jump back in at any time. The Wild Awakening is a heart space endeavor that we hope will grow into a global movement, and once you commit to us by signing up, we are also making a commitment back to you!

How would your life change if ...


You woke up each morning feeling pleasure and excitement?

No longer weighed down by exhaustion and overwhelm, you rarely find yourself swatting for the snooze button. After a few delicious moments stretching beneath your soft blankets, your toes inevitably start itching to find the floor, and your heart expands with warmth and eagerness to greet the day.

Friendships, romance, and moments of delicious solitude were no longer 'back-burnered' in pursuit of your goals?

Your deadlines are driven by the needs of your body, heart and soul – and not the other way around. During your down time, your email goes unchecked, your devices are powered down, all without one drop of anxiety or guilt. You rest deeply into the knowledge that the time you take for self care is also time invested into your goals: the quality of your work is far more creative and efficient when you are pouring from a full cup.

You stepped into a new level of leadership, amplifying your impact (and your income!) with joy and ease?

The dreams and goals you've deliberately set for yourself are no longer at odds with your subconscious fears: more success does not have to equate with more stress! Once your perspective shifts from 'striving' into 'safety', from 'doing' into 'allowing', there is no limit to the magnitude of work that can flow through you!

Prefer to make one single payment?
Prefer to make monthly payments?