Thought Partnership

Everyone can benefit from receiving containment and support, along with exceptional strategic contributions that allow you to evolve your business ideas in alignment with your soul purpose, values and personal goals.

The process of thought partnership might be analogous to business coaching, except that it subverts the guru-to-disciple model that runs rampant in the coaching industry – as well as the extortionate pricing and fantastical (often undeliverable) promises that accompany the coaching paradigm.

Thought partnership keeps you in the driver's seat as the expert on your own affairs, while allowing you to receive support and guidance from a team who possess the professional expertise, emotional depth and spiritual wisdom you need – an extraordinary combination to nourish your heart while you grow your business.

How It Works

You select whether you'd prefer to receive once or twice monthly thought partnership sessions, then enter your preferred form of payment.

You will then be sent a link to schedule your 60-minute sessions at your convenience. Sessions do not have to take place at the same time or day every week, to give you added flexibility. You can also re-schedule your session with at least 48 hour notice if something should arise in your personal or professional life.

Sessions take place on Zoom, either video or audio only (according to whatever you are most comfortable with). If you desire, you can record your session directly to your own computer, allowing you to refer back to the discussion at your convenience.

You will also receive 24/7 unlimited access to your thought partner via Voxer for as long as you remain in partnership, which will begin immediately following your first session.

Important Details

There are no minimum commitments – you can cancel this partnership at any time.

However, in exchange for this flexibility, you are responsible for booking, rescheduling or canceling your own sessions. Unused sessions do not accrue or roll over from one month to the next, and there are no refunds given for unused sessions. If you decide to cancel, you must use any remaining sessions within 30 days of your final payment, and access via Voxer will also conclude at the end of those 30 days.

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