SEAL Awards


Securing the future of our planet for generations to come is a monumental challenge that requires collective effort, innovation and above all – visionary leadership.

Founded by entrepreneur Matt Harnet, SEAL Awards celebrates the companies and leaders across the globe that make measurable contributions to sustainability, and who are developing innovative initiatives that will positively impact the environment for centuries to come.

SEAL Awards also recognizes the world's leading environmental journalists, who are contributing their talent to shining a light on the crucial news stories affecting the health of our planet.

Lastly, each year SEAL Awards provides much-needed grants to students at top academic institutions conducting otherwise underfunded environmental research.


Matt Harney engaged Bijou Collective when his organization was still in 'concept' phase. Bijou contributed to the process of selecting a name, a logo and visual branding, and took the lead in establishing SEAL Award's social media presence.

Through curating an evergreen library of environmental news stories, tweeting real-time conversations and sharing original content, Bijou has built an engaged following on Twitter with interaction metrics that meet or exceed benchmarks set by industry peers (for example, 3BLMedia and Corporate Knights).

Bijou Collective has also played a key role in the award selection process, providing in-depth background research and recommendations to the SEAL Awards advisory panels for both the corporate sustainability and journalism awards.

Now in its third year, SEAL Awards is expanding its scope to include political endorsements, environmental advocacy and financial initiatives, with Bijou continuing to take the lead with research and relationship building 'behind the scenes' – all while continuing to develop SEAL Awards' position among environmental thought leaders on social media.