Implementation Packages For Changemaking Leaders

Bijou Collective accepts a limited number of implementation projects every year. Current and former thought partnership clients are given highest priority when a new space opens up.

We are exclusively focused on supporting globally-minded, locally-rooted individuals and organizations making a positive contribution to the environment, education and the arts, human rights, and personal health & wellness.

Our support packages are custom tailored, and may include the following services –

  • Fractional OBM: talent acquisition and retention, internal systems building, project management
  • Communications management, including podcasts, blogs, newsletters and social media posts
  • Marketing Tech VA: Building funnels, building websites and landing pages, running online events
  • Back office: bookkeeping, paid media campaigns, e-commerce management & fulfillment
  • On-the-ground assistance during retreats, workshops and performances


Monthly Package Options & Investment Levels:

Tier One: Up to 10 hours per month: $850 / mo
Tier Two: Up to 25 hours per month: $1,875 / mo
Tier Three: Up to 50 hours per month: $3,250 / mo
Tier Four: Up to 85 hours per month: $4,675 / mo
Tier Five: Up to 120 hours per month: $6,000 / mo

Important Details

The packages quoted above are for auto-billing monthly retainers. All hours quoted for each package above are "up to" a maximum number of hours for the month. Hours do not accrue or "roll over" from one month to the next.

There are no minimum time commitments; packages can be downgraded or canceled at any time and for any reason. As a professional courtesy, Bijou Collective will make every effort to give clients 30 days of advanced notice to change or cancel a package, and we request the same courtesy in return.

Our private client list is currently full through Summer 2024.

If you are interested in engaging Bijou Collective, please schedule an introductory call – let's connect and discover if we are a good fit for future partnership!

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