You Were Meant
For So Much More


And the world can't afford for you to play small.

Stepping up and stepping out is an act of bravery – but I believe in you, and I've got your back!

You've put in the hard work, and checked all the right boxes on your way to 'success' – and by all outward appearances, you've officially made it.

But the thing is, you never quite arrived at that magical moment where it all just 'feels right'.

You've got a restless, unsatisfied feeling gnawing inside you. You crave passion, freedom, and above all else – you want to know the work you're doing in the world is making a positive impact.

Girlfriend, please believe me when I say... Now is your time to shine!

It's time to bring that dream of yours to life – not just for your own sake, but for the heart of the world.

Let's Talk About
Your Big Ideas


This is no 'airy-fairy' coaching experience.

When we work together, you can expect more than 'affirmations' and 'positive mindset'. We're going to roll up our sleeves and build you a solid strategy.

One that puts all the cards on the table – getting real about your strengths and weaknesses, your responsibilities and your finances, all the resources you can draw on as well as your limitations.

And of course, we'll take a deep dive into your dreams and plans!

This is where we'll have the chance to dabble in 'woo' – because your inspired ideas are bigger than yourself – they're a purpose that needs to exist in the world, tugging at your sleeve and asking you to bring them to life. So let's tune in and see what your dreams have to say!

A solid strategy + a pinch of magic = a plan you can get excited about!

That 'excitement' is exactly the ingredient you need to build a passion-driven, impactful business.

Let's Create Alignment
For Body, Soul & Business


'Work hard, play hard' is so last decade...

It's time to set your own pace, and keep your cup full – however that looks for you.

We're going to build you a roadmap that takes you from where you are now, to where your heart says you need to be – a plan that includes action steps and milestones, but also keeps you grounded in activities that bring you joy in the present tense.

Pleasure is not an indulgence, it's a sound strategy to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

I know your instincts are telling you to go hard at life – that's the way we've all been taught will bring us success. But our bodies were not meant to act like transportation for our brain.

We're in this to play the long game, and I know from experience, only a thriving human can build a thriving business.

It's time to rewrite the rules, and build a life on your own terms!

You'll be surprised how much you can achieve from a place that is nourished, rested and restored.

A Match Made In Heaven


You are a perfect candidate for mentoring...

And working together, we're going to crush it, because –
You are a savvy businesswoman, and you're also driven by passion.
Forget what anyone else has said, those two qualities – a sharp mind and a passionate heart – can and DO live side-by-side in you, and the magic they create together is your superpower.
Everything inside you is affirming, "This is my moment, and I am ready to take bold action."
All the stars have aligned, and you are ready to invest your time, courage and resources into doing whatever it takes to build your dreams into your new reality.
You're ready to destroy literally EVERY belief, pattern, or habit holding you back.
You know it's going to take more than checklists and worksheets to achieve your big dreams – it will require courage and deep inner work, and you're willing to face it with radical honesty and self-responsibility.
You are motivated by something beyond the material, something larger than yourself.
There's a purpose behind your passion, and as much as you're looking forward to the freedom and joy that you're about to make space for in your life, what really gets you fired up is understanding the opportunity you have to be in deep service to the world.

You need the support and encouragement of someone who "gets" you.

Mentoring you is a natural fit because I've been where you are, and I've taken the leap you're about to make.

You're An Exceptional,
High-Achieving Woman


It's time to invest in the support you deserve.

And I can't wait to see you living the passionate, impactful life of your dreams.
Curious to know how the mentoring process works? Here's an overview of what to expect...

The first phase of our mentoring work will focus on holistic strategy development.
We start your mentoring experience by making space for your inner knowing to step forward and provide guidance. I am not here to tell you what you "need" to be doing, and give you a list of cookie-cutter "shoulds" that may or may not be aligned with your soul. Deep inside, you already have the answers, I am just going to help you find them and hold true to them.

Through time-tested techniques to quiet the nervous system and prompt deep inner listening, I will lead you through a process to discover the vision and direction your soul is pointing you towards.

Once we have identified where you are going, we will match that with a logical assessment of your current situation – information you will have provided during the intake process – and help you devise a realistic and actionable plan to take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Some aspects of your strategy will be concrete "action steps" to take in the material world to move your plans forward. Other aspects of your strategy will include regular self-care practices to keep your body and soul well-nourished and your cup overflowing, so that you are creating from a place of abundance and joy.
Once your plan is in place, we will shift into the implementation phase.

During this time, I will provide you with:

  • Accountability (of course!)
  • Guidance with the inner work to keep you moving through the challenges that will inevitably arise.
  • Think-on-your-feet recalibration – because sometimes life just... happens.

Actually, life ALWAYS happens. And even the best of plans will need adjustments as we go along.

Between our mentoring sessions, you'll have me on your team on both the inner and the outer levels. I'll be making introductions and connections for you, and sharing resources and ideas that come through me – and I'll also be holding you on a spirit level through my daily practices of meditation and prayer.

Here's the format our work together will take:

  • One intake questionnaire for you to complete on your own
  • One "deep dive" VIP session, during which time we will receive your vision and direction
  • Three 50-minute mentoring sessions per calendar month, during the first, second, and third weeks
  • Your inspired action between mentoring sessions
  • The end of each month to be spent on action, integration and play!

Please note that there is a three-month minimum commitment to work with me.

In order to give each of my clients the attention and support you deserve,
I limit the number of mentoring clients I choose to work with at any given time.

To reserve a Mentorship, please schedule a Discovery Call so we can confirm that we are a good fit.

Schedule A Discovery Call

Cheers to your smashing success!

Safa Bee