Hustle & Heart Manifesto

This is a shout out... all the ladies who are just DONE.

We are DONE with making all the “right” choices on a college-to-career track we’ve been groomed for since fourth grade.

We are DONE living on someone else’s schedule, pouring our talent and sweat equity into someone else’s dream.

We are DONE with a workplace dynamic that silences our voices and leaves us perpetually jockeying for a seat at a table, in a room we haven’t been invited into.

We are DONE sacrificing our health, our relationships, even our joy – all in exchange for a paycheck that doesn’t nearly compensate us for what we’re missing out on.

It's time to reclaim our freedom!

Hustle & Heart Manifesto

We're ready to stand up and step out.

We're claiming the right to live our lives on our own terms.

A reality where we write our own rulebook–one which supports our health, our families, and our lifestyle goals.

A reality where our business practices are aligned with the positive impact we want to be making on the world.

A reality where we don’t have to choose between passion, purpose, and financial abundance.

We have a dream burning in our hearts, a vision of what’s possible, and a hunger to make an impact.

We're ready to change our lives, and change the WORLD!

We're not afraid to move mountains.

In fact, we know massive action will be necessary as we turn our dreams into our reality.

We're determined each step along the way will not only be strategic and business savvy, but also aligned with the needs of our bodies and our souls.

After all, why would we step out and make this change, if we’re just going to replicate the old systems as we build our new reality? No thanks to that!

We are paradigm shifters. Changemakers. Big game players.

We are rolling up our sleeves, and ready to take on the world!

Hustle & Heart Manifesto

Was that a "hell yes" I just heard ?!

Good, because the world needs more women like you – women who are fired up and ready to make a change!

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