you have an incredible story to tell

You've invested many long years into learning – in some combination of formal schooling, independent research and apprenticeship. Let's not forget all you've learned through the school of life!

This hard-won knowledge you've accumulated has mixed and melted with the fierce love your soul has been brimming with since before you even began your Earthside journey.

Together, your knowledge and love has mixed and alchemized into a deep well of wisdom.

The vital combination of lessons you have learned and the heart medicine you carry is no mere accident – it's your soul purpose arising from the shadows, and the work you're here to do is evolutionary.

You KNOW there's a reason for everything you've been through, and you're feeling the weight of holding onto a message that longs for an audience.

Are you ready to step up to the microphone and transform your story into life-changing, community-building content? But are you also feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, or by managing all the little details, and you just don't know where to start?

If you answered 'yes' then Content Optimization was meant for you!

your story deserves to be told, and we are here to help


We don't want YOU to be counted among the ranks of the many visionaries who start with an amazing concept and the fire of passion in their heart, but who find themselves utterly lost and spinning their wheels amidst all the messy details, unforeseen pitfalls and conflicting advice that comes along with publishing your content.

After years of helping solopreneurs, small business owners, and changemaking leaders transform their ideas into content and courses, we have built a well-oiled storytelling machine – one that is a gentle, straightforward and joyful process for our storytellers, and maximally efficient for our team (and your budget!).

We have broken this process down into seven modular steps.

You can move through each module one by one at a pace that feels right to you, or select only the sections of this process you need support with.

Alternately, if you know you need help with 'all the things' and you're ready to commit to the full process, select our all-inclusive package – and yes, payment plans are available!


... so let's get down to business!

where do you want to jump into the content optimization process?

step one

Charting Your Path

Imagine you're setting out to hike the Appalachians or the Pacific Crest Trail. What's the first thing you'd want to pack before heading out? Your map, of course! And if you are *very* clever, you'll also make sure to discuss your journey with an expert who's been on the trail before.

Is this the best map available? What should I pack, and how much of this gear is an unnecessary expense that's just going to weigh me down? How should I break up this journey into milestones to be sure I reach my destination before the first snowfall?

Unless you're completely confident you have a lock on every question related to telling your story – your core content, your audience, the journey you're taking them on and the milestones along the way – this is a crucial organizational step before you launch into the project of content creation. Going through this discovery process will set you up for creating content that provokes breakthroughs for your audience.

step two

Preparing Your Templates

This is a step for people who already have their logo & mark, brand fonts and colors identified – but who need help with translating them into blog and podcast cover images, profile pictures, and templates for social media posts. Creating a consistent visual presence will allow you to build brand recognition and establish credibility with your audience, elevating the impact of your storytelling efforts.

step three

Recording Conversations

We will assign you an interviewer with a gift for connecting with your heart and helping you to feel relaxed and comfortable, so you feel more like you're having a friendly conversation over brunch instead of giving an awkward, high-stakes lecture. You will have the chance to meet with your interviewer ahead of time to built rapport and familiarize them with your mission and vision. Their role in your interview process will be to keep you focused and natural, asking the right questions to draw your story forward. Once we take your recording into post-production, you can tell us whether you'd prefer to edit out your interviewer and appear solo, or keep the recording in an interview format.

step four

Sharing Your Story

You record once, and we do the heavy lifting to turn a single conversation into multiple touch points for your audience. Based on your preferences, audience profile and desired outcomes, we can start with the recording of your conversation and produce it into a podcast episode, full-length video for Youtube, blog and newsletter content, and short form video clips for social media. This is a maximally efficient approach for professionals who have a business to run, and don't have time to get lost in the weeds of daily content creation.

step five

(Finally!) Publishing Your Book

What's the best way to accomplish a task that seems so big it's intimidating? Break it down into lots of smaller steps. That's what we've already done with recording your story. You've already recorded somewhere between 12 and 24 episodes of your story, and those might as well be chapters in your book. Now all we need to do is edit your transcripts into a manuscript, et voilà! You're ready to be a self-published author!

step six

Elevating Your Profile

Now that you have developed an online presence by telling your story on your own platform, it's time to reach a broader audience and drive organic traffic to your content by leveraging other people's platforms. In this step, we will make sure you're properly prepped for media exposure. Then we will help you develop pitch topics and pair them with relevant guest appearances and publications. Finally, we will manage a pitch calendar with the intention of building a groundswell of attention for you over the next twelve months.

step seven

Reassessing the Landscape

If you decide to say yes to the complete process and lean into support from our team during your journey, you will become a new creation by the time you reach the end of this process – and so will your business! Now the final step is to set aside time to survey the landscape from your new vantage point, and to identify where you most desire to grow from here. This can be accomplished with a Business Soul Retrieval or a Strategy Intensive, depending on your preferences and needs.

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Is the Content Optimization Process Right For You?

Here Are Some Points to Ponder


content optimization is a good fit for you if...


Your personal journey has been filled with challenges and breakthroughs.

Now you're motivated to share your story, knowing there are people out there going through the same experiences, and hearing from you will help them feel seen and validated – and your story will help to shorten their learning curve on the pathway to their own personal lightbulb moments.

Your service-based business is ready to benefit from an increased audience.

You have already put in the time to build your signature service offering, sales system and client care processes, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of the new inbound traffic you're about to receive, and to guarantee a smooth and overwhelm-free experience for yourself, your team, and your soon-to-be new clients.

You've done the inner work necessary to be ready for visibility.

Because you've already faced your shadow in this area, resistance and subtle self-sabotage are unlikely to emerge during the recording & publication process. And if they do – hey, there's always another layer to refine, right? – you have the skills and the commitment to self-growth to regulate your nervous system and move through the uncomfortable moments.

None of these are prerequisites for engaging us...

And there's certainly not going to be a quiz to pass! But if you read through this list and said an easy 'yes, of course!' to the three points above, that's a great indication that the Impact Studio can offer you the right services at the right time. And if these points gave you pause to think, 'hmmmmmm...' then let's jump on a call and sort out whether the Impact Studio is the right starting place, or if it would be more strategic to support you in another way first – or at the same time!

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how much does it cost to work with bijou collective?

The price will depend on your desires – and your budget.

If you know you are ready to commit to the entire process, your total investment will be $30,000 for everything described below – which can be paid in full, or broken into monthly payments. Payment amounts range from $1,250 to $5,000 per month. Depending on your desired timeline and your budget, we can condense the entire process into 6 months (for $5,000 per month), build you a 24-month plan (for $1,250 per month), or anything in between. We will work together to figure out the right plan for you, creating alignment between your production & payment timelines. Clients who pay in full will conclude their process with a Strategy Intensive, and clients who elect to make monthly payments will conclude their process with a Business Soul Retrieval.

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Let's Connect & Discuss the Details

Prefer to move forward one step at a time?

Select any options below and move forward at your own pace.

step one: charting your path

Timeline: 30-45 Days
Process: Intake questionnaire, strategy development,
three Thought Partnership calls to discuss & evolve plans
Deliverables: One Content Roadmap (6–24 months) set up in Google Drive

Investment: $2,220


step two: preparing your templates

Timeline: 30-45 Days
Process: Choose one of three design options, request up to two rounds of revisions to your preferred design option
Deliverables: Podcast Art (1:1 and 16:9 aspect ratios);
Blog post featured image template (4:3 aspect ratio);
YouTube thumbnail image template (16:9 aspect ratio);
Instagram post template (1:1 aspect ratio);
Facebook timeline template (1.91:1 aspect ratio);
Instagram and Facebook story template (9:16 aspect ratio);
Pinterest pin template (2:3 ratio).

Investment: $2,220

step three: recording conversations

Timeline: Depends on budget and project plan
Process: Conversations recorded, edited, transcribed and captioned - can be scheduled individually or 'batch recorded' up to four conversations per day, according to your preference.
Deliverables: Fully produced audio, video, caption file, transcript and show notes uploaded to Google Drive; your Content Roadmap updated with live links to all files for easy project management.

Investment Options:

–$165 to create your intro, outro & call-to-action (one time fee)
–$440 to record & produce one conversation
–$1,650 to record & produce up to four conversations (within in eight weeks)
–$8,880 to record & produce up to 24 conversations (within 12 months), which includes a complimentary intro, outro & call-to-action

step four: sharing your story

Timeline: Depends on budget and project plan; typically 1-2 weeks per story.
Process & Deliverables:
–Full length video uploaded to Youtube
–Full length podcast audio uploaded to Libsyn and SoundCloud
–Transcript transformed into a blog post with the Youtube video embedded
–Transcript excerpt transformed into a newsletter
–Three different social media posts created from the original conversation and published to TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest
–Your Project Roadmap updated with live links to published content

Investment Options:

–$220 for sharing one conversation
–$786 for sharing up to four conversations (within eight weeks)
–$4,440 for sharing up to 24 conversations (within 12 months)

step five: (finally!) writing your book

Timeline: Depends on budget and project plan
Process & Deliverables:
Once you have recorded 12+ episodes of a podcast sequence, we will work with you to organize and edit the transcripts of these conversations into a book. We will start with a thought partnership call to discuss your intentions and vision for the book, then we will go to work editing over the next four to eight weeks. We will then send you the first draft of your book and schedule a second thought partnership call to discuss any changes you would like to make. After one or two more rounds of revisions (as needed), we will arrive at a final draft of your book, which we will then format for ebook & print-on-demand publishing. If desired, we can also work with you to record an audiobook version of your manuscript, or provide voice talent to record the audiobook for you.

Investment Options:

–$3,330 to turn 12-24 conversations into a completed book manuscript
–$2,220 to support you in recording & producing an audiobook version of your completed manuscript
–If we provide voice talent, we'll share audiobook revenue 50/50 with author

step six: public profile elevation

Timeline: Depends on budget and project plan
Process & Deliverables:
–We will support you in creating a media kit for your website
–We will work with you to develop a list of pitch topics
–We will pair you with a list of relevant publications to pitch (typically online magazines and podcasts)
–We will work with you to manage your pitch calendar, publications & appearances

Investment Options:

–$3,330 for up to 12 pitches in 12 months
–$4,440 for up to 24 pitches in 12 months
NB: As every publication operates with its own editorial discretion, we do not guarantee the outcome of any pitches.

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