Dear Changemaker,

I know how tired you are.

Not the kind of tired you can fix with coffee or a nap – but the 'deep in your bones' kind of tired. Existentially tired. A kind of exhaustion that you wake up into after a shallow night of sleep, a tired that grows in intensity as your brain does battle with itself, one side urging you to push through your work day while the other side reminds you that a soft blanket and a rerun episode of Grey's Anatomy would be nice.

But you have your reasons...

Reasons to rally for another day, to push through the exhaustion and keep focusing on your work. Your reasons run far deeper than a paycheck or any other personal goal. You are a leader with a mission and a message, and your work is not a career, it's a calling. People depend on you to show up each day, and lives are transformed by your work. So how can you do anything other than... Just. Keep. Going.

Well, I have some news for you, my friend.

Your body will not lie to you, even though your mind sometimes will. So while you think you can 'push through' this exhaustion indefinitely, refusing to listen to the cries of your body, heart, and soul while you pursue your goals – sooner or later, you're going to experience the signs of rebellion from your higher self.

Or maybe the rebellion is already at hand...

Do any of these experiences sound familiar?

* A newly forgetful brain that causes you to overlook details and miss important appointments, leaving you perplexed and apologizing with phrases like, "I can't believe this happened, it's so unlike me!"

* An immune system that seems to have taken a nose dive, leaving you vulnerable to catching every sneeze and sniffle within a mile radius of you.

* Chronic aches and pains in your muscles, so much worse than the kind of healthy soreness you're used to feeling after a good workout.

* Migraines so severe that you have no choice but to lie in a dark room with a cold pillow over your face for the next three to twelve hours.

* You're 'tired but wired' and find yourself doom-scrolling Facebook at 2:00 am in spite of your best efforts to get a full night of sleep.

* Turbulent emotions that leave you surprised: an intense wave of irritation so strong you lose your train of thought; a snapping response for no apparent reason that came out faster than you could filter it; excusing yourself to the bathroom to have a quiet ugly face cry in the middle of the day.

* Intensifying menstrual cycles that cause more PMS, more cramps, and more heavy bleeding than you've ever experienced before... OR the opposite: cycles that slow down, become unpredictable or even completely stop (long before you'd expect to be reaching menopause).

* A relationship to food that is unlike anything you'd ever want to encourage in your kids: breakfast replaced with coffee, lunch replaced with a bag of microwave popcorn, takeout or frozen foods warmed up for dinner, more coffee and sugary snacks to give you a little 'pick me up' in the afternoon or at the end of the day.

If you're nodding your head 'YES' because several of these hit close to home, let me guess...

You've been overlooking these messages from your body while focusing on your mission, because that's what leaders do, right?

Leaders are self sacrificing for the greater good. Right? RIGHT?

Girl, no. It just doesn't work that way.

Notice that I'm not saying it "shouldn't" work that way, I'm saying that it literally DOES NOT work.

There are the lions of our cultural mythology who gave everything for their cause: Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Jesus Christ... And their stories train us to believe that being a leader and making an impact for a 'good cause' means sacrificing everything, even down to your health or your very life.

Our current day titans of entrepreneurship have also made a religion out of 'hard work' - and while personalities such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and others may have succeeded in amassing billions, they cannot use their fortunes to buy back what they've destroyed in pursuit of their passions: broken health, broken marriages, public contempt. (SO not worth it, amirite?)

Reality Check:
Most of us are NOT going to burn our names into the historical record for millenia – but that doesn't mean we don't have crucial, soul-purpose work to do.

There's no question that the work you are here to do will change the course of the world.

And with so much passion and sense of purpose burning in your heart, it may seem counterintuitive to stop driving forward in pursuit of your goals, but the truth is this:

You are going to make a far bigger, far better impact on the world when you are leading a happy, healthy, balanced life. (Read that twice.)

Listening to the wisdom of your body and aligning with the rhythms of nature are going to carry you so much further as a leader - creating wider impact, higher income, and more lives changed for the better – you'll achieve far more of what you're setting out to do through strategic effort than you will by brute force and ignoring your burnout.

So, all these points considered...

* Are you ready to feel grounded, clear headed, well rested and confident?

* Are you ready to rediscover the passion that brought you to the leadership path, to wake up energized and excited for what the day holds?

* Are you ready to strategically scale up your operations, expanding the reach of your work to increase both your impact and your income?

Are you ready to say 'hell yes' to discovering embodied, sustainable leadership?

I hope you're sighing with relief, nodding your head in excitement, or jumping out of your seat and shouting 'HELL YES' back at the screen.

If so, then I know we share that same passion reach further, do more, and have a damn good time along the way!

I know what it's like to drive yourself into burnout, academically and professionally. I know what it means to give far too much of yourself for a 'good cause' - only to be left with nothing when life takes an unexpected turn. And from the lowest points of my life, I have tapped into my spiritual studies and sought out new training and skills, in order to banish the story of 'give till it hurts, then give some more' and rewrite a story of leadership that is founded on vibrant wellness, confident abundance, and joyful partnership with the world.

My coaching draws from the following influences:

* Lived experience in Ivy League and Fortune 100 academic and corporate settings (observing both what works and what is toxically broken)

* Lived experience volunteering for top activist causes in the USA, and working in a refugee camp abroad (observing more of the same)

* Nearly two decades walking the path of Sufism, which has led me to being named a Sufi Master Teacher by my Guide, Sidi al Jamal

* Pursuing Cornell University's graduate certificate in Plant Based Nutrition

* Advanced Yoga Studies in the Empowered Yoga Teacher Training Course by Jamie Hanson

* Advanced Practitioner Training in Sound Healing with Tryshe Dhevney, the preeminent practitioner of Voice Alchemy and Crystal Bowl Healing

* Becoming certified in Human Design through my studies with Kelly Mahalak

Our work together will unfold in 6-month modules.

In the first module, we will schedule a coaching session once every two weeks to work 1:1 through The Wild Awakening curriculum, instilling you with knowledge and a set of practices to soothe your nervous system, bring your body back into balance, and support you in rediscovering your energy and passion.

In our second module and beyond, we will spend our biweekly sessions digging into organizational strategies to help you streamline your work, achieve scale, build your team and expand your reach, all while making sure your new habits of sustainable leadership remain locked in.

At some point during the second module and beyond, you may wish to add implementation support to roll out the exciting plans we make!

Your Investment: $4,950 per module

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