Changemaker Society


Let's Be Serious...

The decisions that shape our world are not being made in corporate boardrooms, and they are not being made on the floors of legislatures.

Those decisions are being made over whiskey and cigars, in the back room of a club we'll never be invited into.

It's time to make our own back room.

A digital "room of our own" where the world's transformational leaders can connect with our peers, tap into our extended network to build bridges between initiatives, and pool our collective genius in service to the brighter future we were born to create.

More than ever before, we need to build networks of encouragement and support.

Joining the Changemaker Society is your opportunity both to give and to receive that support in a close-knit community of progressive leaders, along with professional training and mentoring.


How Does It Work?

The Changemaker Society is one part peer mentoring, one part VIP group, one part 'sandbox' for your big ideas.

Firstly, you're invited to our free private Facebook group where you can give and receive support.

Beginning in January 2019, if you decide to join the paid membership you'll also receive:

  • Free access to my resource library of trainings and tutorials.
  • Free access to Master Classes taught by innovators and industry leaders.
  • Access to the Changemaker Society podcast episodes a month before they are released into the free group.
  • Access to monthly Mastermind calls with your peers, where each participant will have time to discuss any dilemmas, roadblocks or support needs you are facing in your business, organization or creative endeavor.


Why should you join the Changemaker Society?

Besides the resources and trainings (any ONE of which is more valuable than the cost of an entire year of membership), you will also be building connections with a global community of changemakers, all of whom will be cheering for you, and drawing on their own expertise, genius, and personal network of friends and colleagues, to provide you with a wealth of insights and connections in response to your needs.

To bring about change the change we want to see in the world...

...this is a level of community support that is crucial to be giving and to be receiving!


What's The Bottom Line?

By participating in the Changemaker Society, you have the opportunity to "pay it forward" by investing your genius in a network of changemakers doing awesome, progressive work in the world – and in return, you will benefit from the ability to tap into that network for the brainstorming, support, and connections YOU need to succeed.

As any savvy changemaker knows, it's impossible to predict all of the amazing doors that will open when you invest your goodwill into making connections.

Your Monetary Investment

Pay $25 per month with a twelve-month commitment, or make a single payment of $250 for the entire year.

Ready To Get Started?

The Changemaker Society is currently running in Beta mode through the end of 2018. We will be opening to full membership in January 2019.

If you believe in the power of this idea, join the Launch Circle today and make a voluntary donation of ANY amount.

Everyone who joins the Launch Circle today at the $25 or more level will be offered 50% off an annual membership when the Changemaker Society officially launches in January 2019.

That's right – spent $25 today and save $125 in January – that's like an extra $100 bucks, right in your pocket!

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Not Ready To Join The Launch Circle Just Yet?

Join the FREE Facebook group today, and see if this group is a good fit for you. There's nothing to lose!