Build Your
WordPress Website

It's time to build your website – hooray!

You know what you have to offer, who your target market is, and how you’re going to help them. You've done your keyword planning and copywriting, and dialed in your visual brand.

Now it’s time to put it all together and build yourself a gorgeous home on the web!

Here’s what this package includes…

First, we’ll build the structure of your website
We will set up your site with up to 10 pages, which may include a home page, about page, sales page, a portfolio and a staff page, a blog and a contact page. We’ll also discuss the best ways to incorporate an event calendar and any client testimonials, calls to action or opt-in offers, as relevant to your unique business or organization.

Next, we’ll support you with branded email & newsletter set-up
Using your personal domain name, we will create a branded email address for you (such as – the account will be hosted by Gmail, but no one will know!

Then we will create a business newsletter for you, using MailChimp – this includes setting up a branded newsletter template and linking your list to a sign-up form on your Facebook page and website.

Lastly, we will upload your content to your new website
You will provide us with everything you want to use on your website (words, images, fonts & colors), and we will upload it to the right places on your site and make sure everything is functioning properly. We will also provide one hour of training to make sure you know how to update the content of your web pages and your blog.

Bits and pieces – here’s what else is included!
When you purchase this package, all of these “hidden costs” will be included:

  • Domain name registration for twelve months
  • Website hosting for twelve months
  • Google Apps for Work for one email account for twelve months
  • Your WordPress pro template

We’ll set you up with a MailChimp free account, which will remain free until your list grows larger than 2,000 subscribers, and/or you decide you need to use the fancy Pro features.



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Fine print...

Not to be a stickler, but it’s important that we’re both clear about this stuff…

Purchasing this website package covers set-up only. You will be responsible for providing your logo, font and color choices, written words, images and other media of your choice.

If you need support identifying or creating any of these items, Bijou Collective is happy to offer you the following additional à la carte services:

Brand and content strategy will help you identify your brand's voice and values, identify your target audience and how you're going to reach them. It's an excellent first step in articulating your brand story and how you intend to use your website.

Visual branding identifies the colors, fonts and images that will appeal to your target audience and creates a mood which will visually articulate your brand's personality and message.

Keyword planning allows you to map the messages your brand wants to communicate to the specific words and phrases searchers are using to describe their needs, and helps you prioritize your content creation plans based on a combination of search demand and competitive analysis.

Copywriting naturally proceeds from keyword planning, bringing your ideas to life through expertly crafted messaging.

Need something a little extra?
No worries! Whether it's additional pages, a customized design, an event registration system set up, or an e-commerce shop you need, we are happy to provide extra support for your website build at the hourly rate of USD $65 per hour.

Lastly, purchasing this package means that you agree to use our recommended systems for domain registration, website hosting, email hosting, newsletter services, and WordPress templates. No discounts or credits will be given for third-party services you've already paid for, or for services which are included in this package but which you decide you don't need (for example, domain registration, email account or newsletter setup).


Are you ready to see your vision come to life on the web ?


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