Visual Branding

Let's create a visual language to express the heart and soul of your brand!

First, we’ll identify your style
We’ll start by getting a sense of your message, intended audience, and personal taste, and then we’ll identify colors, fonts, and a logo to create a visual language that speaks to your mission and your brand.

Once your branding has been identified, we will pull it all together into a “Visual Branding Cheat Sheet” which you can always keep on hand for your personal reference, to include in your press kit, and so on.

Next, we will create a "mood board" for your brand on Unsplash
Unsplash is a website offering beautiful, free images available for everyone to use under their licensing agreement. After identifying the mood you want to set with your brand, we will curate an album of up to 20 images which express your intentions.

You can then use these photographs as stock images on your website or in social media posts, or simply keep it on hand as visual inspiration. We will provide you the login for the Unsplash account we create for you, so you can continue to build your collection over time.

Lastly, we’ll provide portrait and welcome video coaching
Your target audience wants to see you, and your first impression means a great deal. Whether you decide to showcase yourself through photography, a welcome video for your website, or both, we will work together to create a look & feel that resonates with your audience. This includes wardrobe selection, suggestions for background settings, and a "shot list" of up to 20 photograph poses and layouts that correspond to your intended use on your website or social media accounts.

Your consultation will be delivered via Zoom and the conversation will be recorded, so you can refer back to the consultation or provide the recording to your photographer or videographer.



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Fine print...

Not to be a stickler, but it’s important that we’re both clear about this stuff.

Please note that purchasing the Visual Branding package does not include the costs associated with any photography or videography. You will be solely responsible for any costs you incur for a photography shoot, or for filming your welcome video.

No discounts or credits will be given for third-party services you've already paid for, or for services which are included in this package but which you decide you don't need.

Are you ready to see your message come to life in visual form?


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