Social Media Roadmap


Social media is a great way to connect with customers for free... right?

Mmmmm, nope. Sounds like 'fake news' to us.

It's a common myth that social media is a channel for 'free' marketing – but there are several things wrong with that belief, and we're about to call shenanigans on it. Here's why.

Social media is a place to build relationships.

If you start with the mentality of churning out profit, people will smell a sales pitch and run the other way. People log onto social media looking for a feeling of connection, inspiration, and entertainment. They don't get online to be a target for selling.

People are people, first and foremost – not 'your audience', not 'your customers'. If you lead with authenticity and the intention to be of service, you'll build genuine relationships. And yes, those relationships will ultimately lead to conversions.

Building relationships takes time, and your time has value.

Social media is a long game, and whatever approach you take to building your presence – whether you choose to do it yourself or you hire someone to do it for you – one way or the other, your brand is going to be investing a lot of time into the process of growing your community. And that time has a monetary value.

At the end of the day, social platforms are a business, not a community service.

Just because you can create an account without paying money, doesn't mean it's free to use social media. If nothing else, each person is paying for social media by contributing their personal data. And social media companies have perfected the art of using that data to sell advertising to the businesses using their platforms.

That's not necessarily a bad thing for you, since businesses and organizations can purchase highly targeted social ads and achieve a tremendous return on their investments if they use paid media strategically.

But it does mean that it's become harder and harder for businesses and organizations to grow a social following without making a monetary investment. If you want users to stand up and take notice of your brand, you're either going to pay to run ads, or pay someone to produce stellar content – in fact, you'll probably do both.

Do you want to wander off into the social wilderness empty-handed, or do you want to take a map?

Our social media roadmap builds off the avatars and behavioral targeting information identified in your brand strategy, formulating a plan to tell you which social platforms are best suited to you (according to your brand voice, platform demographics, and conversion objectives), and how to interact with the community once you're there (content type and frequency, accounts to follow or start conversations with, recommended hashtags and how to use them). Your roadmap also articulates the best approach to take between organic messaging and paid promotions, making recommendations custom-tailored to your industry and budget.




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*The social media landscape changes rapidly. For that reason, we recommend our clients to refresh their social strategy at least once a year. To facilitate this, we charge $1995 for the first social media strategy we develop for your brand, and $995 for a strategy refresh for the same brand, if it has been less than two calendar years since we developed your initial strategy.