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Keyword Research & Search Engine Optimization

We've all heard of it. Few people realize how much strategy goes into it.

You can't just 'SEO' your website like waving a magic wand. Winning for search requires a great deal of analysis and strategic planning, along with ongoing efforts to create relevant, valuable content for your audience with your keyword strategy in place.

If it's your intention for your brand to rank as an authority site in your area of expertise, or to receive inbound traffic you don't have to pay for, then adding keyword planning to your efforts is a must.

When you select this service, Bijou will schedule a deep dive call with you.

We will use our time together to identify the types of problems or needs a potential searcher may be trying to solve. The results of this brainstorm session will be a list of ‘trailhead words’ that Bijou Collective will enter into a keyword research tool.

The output from the keyword research will be an extended list of possible keyword and phrase variations, along with monthly search demand for each term. Bijou Collective will evaluate this extended list according to both volume of demand as well as competition and ‘right to win’ for each word or phrase, to identify a ‘sweet spot’ between highest demand and lowest competition.

We will identify ten keywords or phrases we recommend mapping content to during your initial website launch.

You can use these keywords to write your own web copy, or hire Bijou Collective to craft keyword-optimized web copy for you (see our copywriting and editing package for more details).

If you have (or are building) a WordPress website, Bijou Collective will install the Yoast SEO website plugin, and each keyword-mapped page will be set up to ensure the following elements of search engine optimization are properly implemented:

  • Keyword use in the page title and permalink
  • Keyword use in the heading tags
  • Keyword use in the meta description
  • Appropriate keyword density within the body copy
  • Keyword use in image file names, title, alt text and description
  • Any possible internal links, using keywords in anchor text
  • Keyword use in any optional embedded media (such as YouTube videos)

We will then map up to 24 additional keywords to a content creation calendar.
Because keeping the content of your website fresh will positively impact your SEO ranking, we recommend creating at least two additional pieces of search-optimized content per month.

You will be responsible for creating and publishing your new content throughout the year, or you can hire Bijou Collective to produce fresh keyword-optimized content for you (see our copywriting and editing package for more details).

We will teach you how to create SEO-friendly content for the future.
Lastly, if you also opted to purchase a WordPress website build, and if you intend for your SEO efforts to be self-managed once your site is live, then during your general WordPress tutorial session Bijou Collective will add a step-­by-­step walkthrough to the tutorial, demonstrating how to perform each of the above-listed steps for future keyword content creation.




*Baseline price covers a total of 34 keyword recommendations.
Additional keyword recommendations can be provided at the rate of $500 per 20 keywords.


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