Copywriting & Editing


There's writing... And then there's copywriting.

Writing for a website is an art unto itself.

You must express your personality and evoke a sense of desire and connection with your audience, while also keeping your copy engaging, crisp and to the point – after all, everything on the web is only two clicks away from a kitten video.

...And sometimes you have to weave your words around a keyword strategy, too!

So even the most articulate writers can find themselves hitting up against an epic stumbling block when they try to craft copy for their own websites – especially when it comes to about pages, sales pages, and biographies.

(It's okay, honey, you're just too close to the project!)

But fear not – Bijou Collective's got your back.

Our team of expert copywriters will take your branding strategy, keyword planning documents, first drafts, and notes scribbled on the back of a napkin, and use it all to write perfectly crafted copy for your website, newsletter, or blog posts.

With professional writing, your website copy will not only leave you glowing with pride – it will connect with your audience, turning your page views into conversions!




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Fine print...

Not to be a stickler, but it’s important that we’re both clear about this stuff…

One page of copywriting is defined as a maximum of 800 words. We may choose to go slightly over this limit, entirely at our own discretion, if we feel the topic we're writing about merits a small number of additional words; however, if you require significantly longer copy, we reserve the right to count one long page as multiple regular-length pages, in 800-word increments.

All copywriting packages must be paid for in advance, and used within one year of purchase, with no exceptions.

*The baseline price of $1995 covers five pages of copywriting, which can be used on your website, on your blog, or in your newsletters. If you foresee needing a higher volume of writing, we recommend purchasing larger packages, as the price per page significantly decreases with volume.

Twelve pages of writing costs $3995, 34 pages of writing costs $8995, and additional pages of writing after that can be purchased at the rate of $250 per page, for as long as you remain an active client of Bijou Collective.

If you decide to purchase a bundle of services, such as 'All The Things. I Need Them.' your first five pages of copywriting are included in the package.

Additional pages of copywriting may be purchased for a discounted fee which is incremental to the package cost, which takes into account that you have already paid for your first five pages of copywriting when you purchased the package: 12 pages of copywriting is therefore $2000 incremental to your package price, and 34 pages of copywriting is $6000 incremental to your package price.

As with standalone copywriting, additional pages of writing after the first 34 will be priced at $250 per page, for as long as you remain an active client of Bijou Collective.

Number of Pages Standalone Copywriting With 'All the Things' & 'So Extra'
5 Pages $1995 included
12 Pages $3995 $2000 (incremental)
34 pages $8995 $6000 (incremental)
Additional Pages $250/each $250/each


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