Brand & Content Strategy


'If you build it, they will come.' ... Right?

Wrong. Nobody is going to know who you are... until you know it yourself!

Your 'brand' is so much more than your logo or your favorite fonts and colors. It's an expression of your values, your voice, your tribe, and what sets you apart in the marketplace as the obvious solution for your clients or customers.

When you select this service, Bijou will schedule a deep dive call with you.

We will use our time together to discuss all the touchpoints of your brand – arriving at total clarity about your brand's presence and personality, the problems or concerns your customers have, how your brand will benefit or impact them, and how you're going to reach your audience to communicate your message.

Our consultation will be delivered via Zoom and the conversation will be recorded, so you can refer back to it as needed.

Following our brainstorm session, we will deliver a brand strategy document to you.

Your brand strategy will articulate the following points:

  • A description of your brand voice.
  • A description of your brand values.
  • Three* 'avatars' describing your ideal client or customer (includes their demographics & psychographics).
  • A description of your client or customer needs and corresponding brand solutions.
  • A description of the content you need to include on your website, and recommendations for how to structure that content.
  • Recommended marketing channels to reach your audience, with behavioral targeting suggestions.

*Additional avatars can be created at the rate of $250 per avatar.




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